About US

The BYRG – What we do and how we do it From those who fix radios, to those who make garden tools, there seems to bit of everyone and everything in the BYRG. Most importantly, we are a team; whether our task is to raise a tower; to provide assistance, communication, and immoral support in times of disaster (The Flood of ’93 for instance); or to experiment with that new communications format.

The operation principle of the B.Y.R.G. is this:

This is a group effort, and no one person makes all the decisions alone or directs the paths we take. KØXM, KØLW, and WØNQX are the main principals of the group and all decisions are agreed to by all three or it does not come to fruition. While it may seem there is one main person due to “on air” and face to face interaction, we work as a group. In that regard, no one person should be given all the props it should remain that the group has completed it. Also, since some are not as active, please do not take it as their “non-participation”, it is just they like to be in the background, and as we know, Chuck KØXM is a “glory-hound” so he is always around. Due to this fault, we are introducing a new device to counter act your time being exposed to Chuck. Details can be found in the document:

K0XM Filter.pdf

Our statement of mission: To have fun @ everything we do, To seek out new ways to integrate chocolate into our daily lives, and To boldly go to the two or three places that KØLW hasn’t been this year. That is the BYRG!