Operating on the BYRG DMR Repeaters

We have passed this on by word of mouth, but now we will place it in writing…..

Here the guidelines to operate the BYRG repeaters and play nicely in the sandbox with others….

  1. Remember there are 2 time slots, and while you may be using one talk group, others may be trying another.
  2. If you get a “boink” tone while trying to talk, then the time slot is occupied- you will have to wait your turn
  3. the ONLY permitted talk group on Time Slot 2 is 31201 BYRG- ALL others on Time Slot 1
  4. DO NOT just bring up a talk group to listen. If you key up a talk group it has to be with the intention to have a conversation. If you do not hear a conversation worth joining, or cannot raise a conversation by identifying, then let the timer expire and reset the time slot
  5. WAIT WAIT WAIT and WAIT again. DO NOT TAILEND. This is NOT a CW DX plieup ( we know- we have been in them). Leave time for all the devices to fall into place. If this is not happening, then it breaks.
  6. Let’s play nicely with each other…and this will grow and develop as much as we can….