Information Updates

June 3, 2018

Well as you may know by now, the network is growing still!! Chillicothe is now on UHF (444.40) and Branson is VHF (147.15) and Bolivar is VHF (145.29). With more to come!! All the new repeaters should be in the Ala Carte page.


Due to requests, KC Skywarn is now static on Time Slot 2, sharing with BYRG 31201.

PLEASE change your codeplugs.



The Worldwide DMR Registration has changed, DMR-MARC is no longer handling it, it will be handled by the European group: DMR Registration Page

Want to make the codeplug for YOUR radio they way YOU want? Now you can- go to the Ala Carte Codeplug Page

New Repeaters:

Windsor, Missouri 443.375 CC 3

Deepwater Missouri, 443.30 (Switched back to analog April 28)

High Hill (St Louis Area), Missouri 444.025

Leavenworth, Ks 442.35

Maryville, Mo 444.475

All are in the AlaCarte vault


Here is the coverage map for Kansas and Missouri UHF as of January 11, 2018





The frequency of the Northland (we call it MCI) repeater is now 444.4625 +5 Input Color Code 4. Time Slot/ Talk Group arrangement is shown on both the DMR Info page and in the Codeplug Vault. 

Also 3100 USA Talk Group is now blocked on ALL BYRG DMR repeaters.