Information Updates

April 1 2023 (NO this is NOT a joke). 

The 442.55 Signal Hill repeater is now P25 and analog. The analog mode is private/closed.  It will not be returning to DMR format in the foreseeable future.



June 2022

We had to change out the repeater at Peculiar, and without our knowledge, in the time since it was initially installed, Brandmeister put in place a requirement that even Motorola repeaters need a password. SO until be get a chance to get to the site (it takes a 4wD and a good seat belt), it will not be  networked.


May 2021

Wow what a crazy time 2020 was. Deepwater has returned to analog and will not be reverting back to DMR- EVER. MCI has moved to Trimble Missouri (just basically a little north of the old site) and we are pretty settled on what is where and do not anticipate any further growth from us.

I do want to state, we NEVER state the full, exact location of any of our repeaters. We have lost sites from other groups who went to where our system was and pissed of the property owner enough, trying to get on the property, that NEITHER of us had a site- yes had to remove the equipment. So we make it a rule- everything is “close”. If you cannot accept that (and some can’t), then feel free to use another groups system.

Also, Bob, Lee and myself are in the process of turning over the operation and equipment to some new blood. Eric, NØMIJ, James KBØNHX, and Travis NIØY, will be overseeing the operation soon. NONE of the rules, and standard we have in place will change. Also those who are “persona non-grata” will remain that way. So, in a nutshell, new people same game……chat soon…de KØXM

January 18, 2019

New year, new projects. Here is what is changed.

Deepwater is back to DMR. Windsor is back to analog. Deepwater codeplug is in the ala carte vault.

New repeaters on in Hermitage, and Joplin and Wichita (UHF and VHF) will be on line soon, if not already.

Status of the Excelsior Springs repeaters in unknown at this time, I need to speak with KØBSJ and get an update.

We will be acquiring MORE repeaters shortly, so expansion will continue.


June 3, 2018

Well as you may know by now, the network is growing still!! Chillicothe is now on UHF (444.40) and Branson is VHF (147.15) and Bolivar is VHF (145.29). With more to come!! All the new repeaters should be in the Ala Carte page.


Due to requests, KC Skywarn is now static on Time Slot 2, sharing with BYRG 31201.

PLEASE change your codeplugs.



The Worldwide DMR Registration has changed, DMR-MARC is no longer handling it, it will be handled by the European group: DMR Registration Page

Want to make the codeplug for YOUR radio they way YOU want? Now you can- go to the Ala Carte Codeplug Page

New Repeaters:

Windsor, Missouri 443.375 CC 3

High Hill (St Louis Area), Missouri 444.025

Leavenworth, Ks 442.35

Maryville, Mo 444.475

All are in the AlaCarte vault


Here is the coverage map for Kansas and Missouri UHF as of January 11, 2018





The frequency of the Northland (we call it MCI) repeater is now 444.4625 +5 Input Color Code 4. Time Slot/ Talk Group arrangement is shown on both the DMR Info page and in the Codeplug Vault. 

Also 3100 USA Talk Group is now blocked on ALL BYRG DMR repeaters.