Information Updates


The 444.05 system is changing. The new frequency will be 444.4625 and the change will occur on Friday November 24th. New codeplugs with the new zone are in the vault. The new zone is “KMCI NKC”. And no this was NOT a typo. It is a place holder- rename it to what you wish.


Oct 2 2017

There was an awesome turnout for the DMR Programming class. The video is still being processed (it is 14 GB right now), and the PDF of the presentation is ready to be downloaded 

DMR Programming.pdf

DMR Programming Seminar


August 13, 2017

Well Thor has struck again, just after we changed to Independence 444.975 to a Motorola 8300, then something killed the network card. It is a functional repeater, just not on the network.

Also Chuck KØXM gave his DMR talk to the Nixa Missouri radio  club on Aug 12. They live streamed it via Facebook, and Chuck has placed a copy on here for those not on Facebook. Enjoy!!! Find the video here :

K0XM Nixa.mp4



August 1, 2017. 

We, the admins have a simple request. If you are not going to TALK and have a qso on a TALK GROUP, then PLEASE PLEASE do not activate it. 3100 USA is a good example. I could name callsigns as the dashboard shows every one of your 0.5, 0.8 or 1 sec kerchunks, but we ask you to refrain from doing it. There are apps out there for you to listen. The Brandmeister Live app on android or hoseline on a browser.

PLEASE, this will cause headaches with the continual transmissions and that is the one reason why we made USA user activated. Plus our licenses are in jeopardy with the activities on that talk group (yes I have listened and heard them- BUT NOT ON THE REPEATER-ON THE WEB.)  



July 27, 2017

I removed all the code plugs, there were too many errors. I will finalize them and return them for download ASAP. 



July 19, 2017


We are pleased to announce that 444.05 is on from North Kansas City/Platte City

The Platte County Group and the BYRG have joined forces to place this repeater on to bolster the coverage. Let us know how it plays.



June 19, 2017

Saturday June 17 we started testing what we hope will be our BYRG emergency linking network . The concept is if an event or emergency occurs, any or all the DMR repeaters will be moved from Brandmeister to a KC only self contained network. At this time 444.975, a couple of DVMega hotspots and a couple of Motorola repeaters are on there. This is still in the development stages. We would like to thank Cort, NØMJS as he developed DMRLink, and HBLink software which is at the core of this network, and also Steve N4IRS and Mike N4IRR for their continuing development and assistance to us in the implementation. We will keep everyone posted to the progress as it happens.

Chuck is updating ALL the codeplugs. These will include the CS-800D and MD2017 dual band radios when they are completed. BE SURE to load the latest available from the codeplug vault. They will have a June date, plus we will announce it here.

May 1, 2017

New UHF codeplugs are in the vault. Iowa has been added but major change is Missouri Statewide going full time on Time Slot 1 PLEASE UPDATE YOUR RADIOS!!

April 16, 2017

We have realigned Missouri Statewide to TS1 FT. The reasoning is with the repeaters in St. Louis and Springfield/Nixa coming on line and they will be carrying it FT also, we would like travelers to have a “seamless” possibility of a QSO on that TG. The codeplugs for the MD380/390 series are in the vault. PLEASE update your codeplugs. They will have an April date for the latest version. This SHOULD be the last major UHF update for quiet a while.


March 12, 2017


We all know there are existing “Dual” mode repeaters on 2m. 145.21, and 145.29 are such animals. They are not networked anywhere due to the dual mode of operation (Motorolas cannot network in Dual mode). Today KDØJWD announced on Larry’s List they have placed the 145.23 repeater on in Olathe. It is tied into the Brandmeister network and during development the group contacted us and will be using the same Talk Group to Time Slot arrangements that we use on UHF. What that means is BYRG is static (Full Time) on slot 2 and Kansas Statewide is static on slot 1. So on UHF OR VHF any activity on BYRG or KS Statewide will activate on ALL the UHF and/or VHF repeaters in KC associated with the BYRG. We would like to thank Joe KDØWJD, and Joe KA3NAM, for placing the repeater on and working with us to have some uniformity across the VHF/UHF repeaters. The actual info on the repeater is:

145.23 with a -600kHz input, and Color Code is 1. The codeplugs in the vault for VHF (yea I snuck them in on ya), are up-to-date for Motorola, Connect Systems, Tytera radios (TERA Soon).

Feb 12, 2017

LOTS of changes….we placed the Independence (Booth) 444.975 homebrew repeater on line. Understand this is still being tweaked as time permits. There will be more and exciting news in the next day or so. Watch Larry’s List and this page. I will fill you in after it hits Larry’s List….patience young Patawon….it will be worth the wait…Also check the code plug vault for the latest MD380/390 CPS to program your radios with.


January 11, 2017

Well the phantom noise is back on 442.55. We are not sure what it is or where it is coming from. Discussions have been had on our options. Yes, DMR has been mentioned. As has putting a dual mode (Analog and DMR) repeater, but if that is done it will not be networked. It will be all by itself. If that happens, there is a possibility of losing the Allstar connectivity to 220 and 900. We will let everyone know before this happens.

In regards to 224.20. Bob and I are trying to find the time to upgrade the allstar build to a new version. The XIPAR build has not seen any support in a number of years and is sorely needed to be repaired/upgraded. Once that happens the link to 927.5875 and or 44.255 will be re-established.


January 4, 2017

The router has been changed at Peculiar. Things should be more stable now…

A 3rd repeater has been put in service in Pleasant Hill on 443.40. It is networked with our standard TG to TS layout. Another repeater (number 4) has been placed in service at 435/23rd in Independence. It is a homebrew (the one I had in Ohio), and we are testing on it. BUT it is networked and functional. It is on 444.975

ALL the BYRG systems are in the new codeplugs on the web page. An additional zone is included which is 12 channels labeled  “KC BYRG”. What is has in it is Mission BYRG then Parrot, Peculiar BYRG then Parrot, P-Hill Byrg then Parrot….etc. This way you can switch from repeater to repeater on the BYRG TG without having to fiddle with zones.

December 24, 2016.

I am back from Ohio and went up with ONE homebrew repeater to test out, but came back with the homebrew AND another UHF XPR8300. Along with the repaired 8300, we have 3 ready to deploy. The info for them is in the new codeplugs. We are hoping to place them at Pleasant Hill, Independence and a still being sought out site in the Olathe/Gardner area.

Also, due to a flaky router on Peculiar, I will be replacing it soon. Which SHOULD stabilize the network connection.

Nov 22, 2016

By now you may have guessed we have totally rebuilt the site. Hopefully it will be easier to navigate.

Any input, feel free to use the contact page

Repeater Updates

Nov 22, 2016: Since Brandmeister has turned full control over to us, the repeater admins, it seemed prudent to make a few small changes. The following Talk Groups on ALL the repeaters have moved to Time Slot 1, from Time Slot 2:

Kansas Statewide (3120), Local 9 (9), and the Parrot (9990 Private call). The reason for moving Kansas is for our future link to the KØUSY system in Kansas. Cort, NØMJS and Chuck KØXM have been discussing a link between the USY system and the BYRG repeaters, Cort suggested Kansas Statewide as his systems go basically along I-70 out to Hays, Kansas. We are still discussing a full time link between the USY 3120 and BYRG (31201). Moving Kansas to TS1 and full time will make it so the USY Kansas will fire off in KC any time there is activity on there and vice-versa. The link is not full time YET. But steps are being made.

As usual, ALL the BM TG’s are available. And as before we ASK NICELY to use any TG that is not assigned in our “default” layout of TG to TS’s, to be used on TS1.

The repeaters are playing nicely, and more will be coming to balance out the few holes in the Mission repeater coverage. Olathe and North KC look to be next on the list. Discussions are also happening on a Pleasant Hill, Mo site, and maybe Clinton, Mo. The new code plugs have the new zones in them. Along with the new TG to TS layout.

If anyone has any questions you can use the contact page.