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DMR is another digital mode for hams. DMR is based on the international commercial radio standard. I could try and explain it, but the easiest way is to just have you look at:

“The Amateur’s Guide to DMR” by W2XAB

To be FULLY active on a DMR network, you need to register for a FREE user number via DMR-MARC which you can obtain here:

DMR-MARC Registration Page

The BYRG is linked via the Brandmeister DMR Network. They have over 400 Talk Groups available on ALL repeaters in a PTT or User Active mode. Info on Brandmeister can be found here:

Brandmeister Wiki (constantly being updated)

Brandmeister also has a page where you can listen into the conversations on ALL the talk groups

Brandmeister “Hoseline” (streaming audio)

Listen to BYRG TG (31201) LIVE!!

A Link to all the BrandMesiter Available Talk Groups

As we expand the repeaters and coverage area, this is the default Talk Group to Time Slot arrangements:

NOTE: Kansas SW, Local 9, and Parrot have moved to Time Slot 1

Time Slot 1 Time Slot 2
Kansas Statewide 3120 (FT) BYRG 31201 (FT)
USA 3100 (UA) Local 2 2 (UA)
WW 91 (UA)

Parrot 9990 (UA-PRIVATE CALL)

Optional here or TS1

Missouri Statewide 3129 (FT)  
North America 93 (UA)  
Zero Dist 31090 (UA)  
TAC310 310 (UA)  
TAC311 311 (UA)  
TAC312 312 (UA)  
Local 9 9 (UA)  

Parrot 9990 (UA-PRIVATE CALL)

Optional here or TS2


Note: this is the default layout of TG to TS, and will be the same on any of the BYRG repeaters no matter what band they are on.

In regards to what is available on each repeater, the ONLY TG’s which traffic will appear simultaneously on BOTH Mission and Peculiar (and the future rptrs when they appear), is BYRG and Kansas Statewide. ANY Activity can be found on both repeaters. ALL the other talk groups are “repeater dependent” which means, for example,  if you are active on USA on Mission, Peculiar will be quiet until someone “wakes up” USA on Peculiar. Or if you are active on as an example WW on Peculiar, then Mission will still be User Activated or “asleep”. Remember this when traveling between sites.

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