BYRG DMR Codeplug Vault

These Codeplug Files are supplied without liability. In other words, if you load it in your radio and something breaks, the BYRG is NOT liable for damages

January of 2017, I presented 2 classes on How to Program your DMR Radio- here is the PDF of that presentation:

DMR Programming Presentation.pdf

Make SURE you enter “YOUR” DMR number in before programming to you radio!!!

If you have a Tytera MD 380, MD 390, Connect Systems CS700/701 then get NØGSG’s free software at:

Tytera Users:

The CPS which is included with the radios DOES NOT WORK.

CPS MD390 Setup v1.36.exe

This CPS works for both the MD380 and 390 series radios


The only change is the addition of a new Zone- KC Byrg

It has BYRG/Parrot for all the systems in one zone. You can switch repeaters with a couple of channel clicks

The CPS versions used to create these are as follows:

Motorola Ver 13.0

Connect Systems 750/800 Ver 4.00.39

Tytera Ver 1.32 for MD380 and Ver 1.34 for the MD390

TERA Ver 1.47

UHF Code plugs VHF Code plugs
Tytera Tytera

MD380 UHF April 30.rdt

Generic VHF MD380 Feb 4.rdt

MD390GPS UHF April 30.rdt

Generic VHF MD390GPS Feb 4.rdt

Motorola  Motorola

Motorola UHF Dec 30.ctb

Generic Motorola VHF Feb 12.ctb

TERA TR-7400  TERA TR-7200

TERA UHF Ks_Mo Nov 26.epm

 Connect Systems  Connect Systems

CS700 UHF April 30.rdt

Generic VHF CS700 Feb 4.rdt

CS750 April 30.rdb

Generic VHF CS751 Codeplug Feb 12.rdb

CS800 April 30.rdb

Generic VHF CS801 Codeplug Feb 12.rdb