Codeplug ALA Carte Menu

This is a vault of “Ala Carte” or “Roll Your Own” codeplugs. Here you will find individual MD380 Based Codeplug files for each repeater. There are a couple of standards behind this concept.

  1. ALL contacts for Group Calls are exactly the same. The list was created January 8 2018 and will not be modified- Any NEW Talk groups or group calls you wish to add, will have to be done by the individual user.
  2. Each file will contain up to date info for THAT repeater, and THAT repeater ONLY. 
  3. NØGSG Contact Manager will be needed to merge the files into the codeplug you want to create. It can be downloaded here     (ALWAYS download the latest version)

Use this document to work with the files: 

Working the AlaCarte Codeplugs.pdf

Here is the latest Codeplug Content Information. 

DMR Codeplug Details July 14.pdf

Here is the Talk Group Listing the Codeplugs are based on: 

US Based and Some Global TG's July 2018.pdf

Mission MD380 UHF.rdt

KC Dual Modes VHF MD380.rdt

MCI MD380 UHF.rdt

Mission VHF MD380.rdt

Peculiar MD380 UHF.rdt

Pleasant Hill MD380 VHF.rdt

Indep MD380 UHF.rdt

Olathe VHF MD380.rdt

Holden FUTURE MD380 UHF.rdt

Pleasant Hill MD380 VHF.rdt

Excelsior Springs MD380 UHF.rdt

Plattsburg VHF MD380.rdt


St Joseph MD380 UHF.rdt

Excelsior Springs VHF MD380.rdt

Olathe FUTURE MD380 UHF.rdt

Minneapolis Ks VHF MD380.rdt

Bolivar UHF MD380 UHF.rdt

146.685 NE Springfield MD380.rdt

Nevada MD380 UHF.rdt

Bolivar VHF MD380.rdt

Russell Ks 442_475 MD380 UHF.rdt

Branson 147.15 MD380.rdt

Russell Ks 442_00 MD380 UHF.rdt

Hays VHF MD380.rdt

St Charles MD380 UHF.rdt

Minneapolis Ks VHF MD380.rdt

Mo State MD380 UHF.rdt

Conway 145.47 VHF MD380.rdt

Branson MD380 UHF.rdt


Iconium MD380 UHF.rdt


Rolla 443.825 UHF.rdt


Neosho MD380 UHF.rdt


Minneapolis Ks MD380 UHF.rdt


Great Bend MD380 UHF.rdt


Cox MD380 UHF.rdt


Leavenworth UHF MD380.rdt


Maryville UHF MD380.rdt


High Hill UHF MD380.rdt


Defiance MD380 UHF.rdt

Windsor Mo repeater requested back to analog by trustee. Please remove DMR settings for this repeater from your codeplugs. 9/19/18 KØXM  

Chillicothe 444.40 MD380.rdt


Columbia 444.425 MD380.rdt


Rockport 444.775 MD380.rdt


Topeka KS 442.875 MD380 UHF.rdt